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ASRock DeskMini H470 as a compact hypervisor

Introduction My hypervisor since 2017 has been an Intel NUC7i3BNH. It has a 2c/4t 15W laptop CPU (Core i3-7100U), with 2x 16GB Crucial DDR4, and a 512GB Samsung 860 Pro. While it served me well over these years, I’ve outgrown the CPU and cooling solution. The search for a new hypervisor Size, noise, and power As outlined in my homelab mini-rack post, my homelab devices (router, switch, AP, NAS, and hypervisor) all sit on the bottom shelf of the entertainment center in my living room....

2021-06-23 · 8 min · Logan Marchione
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Homelab 10" mini-rack

Update: 2021-01-10 I made the following changes and updated the post below (not the pictures) to reflect those changes: Replaced side vent panels with metal bars Added labels to patch panel One of the RJ45 couplers was stuck in 100Mbps mode and would not transfer full 1Gbps. I switched it around to a device that only has a 100Mbps NIC (IP camera) Introduction I don’t have space in my house for a full-size 19" server rack (but a man can dream)....

2021-01-05 · 5 min · Logan Marchione