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Rclone on ODROID-HC2

Introduction In my last post, I talked about setting up an ODROID-HC2 as a NAS using OpenMediaVault. I have that up and running, and I’ve also written a few scripts to backup my data to a few of the SMB shares. Now, I need to get that data shipped offsite to an external location to cover my 3-2-1 backup strategy: 3 backups 2 different types of media 1 backup offsite Software My cloud storage provider of choice is B2....

2018-06-18 · 6 min · Logan Marchione
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ODROID-HC2 as an entry-level NAS

Introduction I’ve been doing some work on my homelab that I haven’t documented here. I recently decommissioned my Raspberry Pi 3 that was running my Unifi controller, Dokuwiki, and Network UPS Tools (NUT). I replaced the RPi3 with an Intel i3 NUC with 12GB RAM and a Crucial 2.5" SSD. I chose to use Proxmox as the hypervisor on the NUC because it is open source, has a well-proven record, and has a low learning curve....

2018-06-13 · 11 min · Logan Marchione
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Backblaze B2 backup setup

Introduction Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about backups for my small (but growing) homelab. The golden rule is to follow the 3-2-1 method for backups: 3 backups 2 different types of media 1 backup offsite Current setup Currently, I keep an encrypted external HDD at home and another at work. Every couple weeks, I perform a backup to both and rotate the drives (this covers a 2-1-1 backup)....

2017-07-06 · 4 min · Logan Marchione
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UPDATE: Dropping Dropbox

In March, I cancelled my subscription to Dropbox over privacy concerns. Seems like that was a good idea. Dropbox just announced that they’re adding Dr. Condoleezza Rice to their Board of Directors. I don’t have to tell you why this is a terrible idea. See the official petition here, and my letter to Dropbox customer service below. To whom it may concern, I have been a paid subscriber to Dropbox since 2010, and have loved every minute of your service since day 1....

2014-04-10 · 2 min · Logan Marchione
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Dropping Dropbox

I dropped Dropbox! Well, not entirely. I’ve been a Dropbox user since Day 1. I remember when their service was first introduced. Cloud storage was just coming out and it was so convenient to be able to access your data anywhere. I quickly outgrew the 2GB free limit, earned a few extra GB through DropQuest, and then decided to start paying for their storage. For the past few years, I’ve been paying $99/yr for 100GB of space....

2014-03-26 · 2 min · Logan Marchione