In March, I cancelled my subscription to Dropbox over privacy concerns. Seems like that was a good idea.

Dropbox just announced that they’re adding Dr. Condoleezza Rice to their Board of Directors. I don’t have to tell you why this is a terrible idea.

See the official petition here, and my letter to Dropbox customer service below.

To whom it may concern,

I have been a paid subscriber to Dropbox since 2010, and have loved every minute of your service since day 1. However, with recent revelations about the NSA, I’ve been growing increasingly worried about storing my data in the cloud. Before my subscription renewed in March, I removed all of my files and downgraded to a free account. Originally, I had planned to re-subscribe once I decided how to encrypt my data locally before uploading.

However, after learning that Dr. Condoleezza Rice will be joining your Board of Directors, I will NOT be coming back. Dr. Rice has a proven track record of supporting warrantless wiretapping of US citizens in the name of stopping “terrorism”. As a company that is trusted with personal user data, you should be ashamed of yourselves for this action.

I’m sure that one individual’s opinion won’t matter to your CEO, but I sincerely hope that you lose more customers over this decision. My trust in your service has been lost, and you will not be getting it back.


Logan Marchione