This policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on 2023-05-01.

Who I am

This is my personal site, the address is

My opinions are my own, and do not reflect those of any current or previous employers, groups, or organizations.

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

I use your information only for providing and improving this site.


As-of 2021-03-01, I use Plausible for analytics. Information about Plausible’s privacy features are located here. Visitors to my site should be aware of a few things:

  • I only use your information to determine what posts are more popular, what day/time is best to post, how long you stay on my site, etc…
  • Plausible collects minimal data by design. They only collect:
    • Page URL
    • HTTP Referer
    • Browser (derived from the User-Agent HTTP header)
    • Operating system (derived from the User-Agent HTTP header)
    • Device type
    • Visitor Country (after the geolocation lookup is completed, your IP is discarded and is never stored in their database or logs)
  • Plausible uses JavaScript for the tracking tag. Because of this, you can use uBlock Origin, NoScript, or Ghostery to block JavaScript on my site (this might make some pages display/behave in unintended ways).
  • Plausible is open source with their code available on GitHub.


As-of 2022-02-07, I am a verified Brave Creator. If you use the Brave browser, you can send me a tip in BAT. Being part of the Brave Creator program doesn’t inject anything into the traffic between my site and your browser, it simply gives you the option to send me BAT (and if you’re not using Brave, none of this applies to you).

I don’t accept sponsors or free items in exchange for review.

About donations…

This is a bit of an awkward topic. Over the years, I’ve had more than a handful of people email me asking if I accept donations. While that’s flattering and humbling, I have to decline. Instead, I think you should donate to organizations, developers, and projects that have a real impact on open source software.

You can view my public contributions below. These are the organizations, developers, and projects that I really enjoy. Use them as inspiration.

GitHub Sponsors
KDE e.V.
Open Collective

If you’re looking for more, I also suggest donating to these groups (in no particular order):

The Apache Software Foundation
FreeBSD Foundation
Free Software Foundation
The NLnet Foundation
The OpenBSD Foundation
The Python Software Foundation
Software in the Public Interest (SPI)


If there’s anything else you’d like to know about how I use your information or the security of this site, please contact me.