When I was running WordPress, I was using Matomo (formerly Piwik) for analytics. This solution worked for me, but was more complicated than I needed, and I didn’t make use of 99% of the features. It also required PHP and MySQL/MariaDB, which were not installed on the new server hosting my Hugo-based blog. Because of this, I wanted to switch to a simpler analytics solution.

Self-hosted vs SaaS

For a long time, I’ve hosted a Matomo instance on my server and proudly stated in my privacy policy:

I host my own Matomo instance. Your data never leaves my server.

I did this to protect my users and respect their privacy. Additionally, if a user didn’t want to be tracked: I set Matomo to respect their browser’s Do Not Track header, or they could install something like NoScript or uBlock Origin, or they could disable JavaScript completely.

I started to look for a self-hosted, privacy-respecting analytics solution. In the end, however, the technical cost of installing, maintaining, and securing a self-hosted solution wasn’t worth it (not to mention the technical debt of PHP plus MySQL), so I decided to switch to SaaS.


Hugo comes with built-in support for Google Analytics, which I obviously didn’t use. While I found quite a few quality analytics products, I only specifically looked at solutions that allowed self-hosting. My reasoning was: if they’re confident enough in their product to open-source it and allow me to host it, I’m confident enough to pay them for it.

Software Hosting type Self-hosted version? Stack Pricing (lowest tier)
Google Analytics SaaS No N/A Free tier
Simple Analytics SaaS No N/A $19/month
Matomo Self-hosted and SaaS Yes PHP and MySQL Free (self-hosted) or $29/month (SaaS)
Fathom Self-hosted and SaaS Yes Go and MySQL Free (self-hosted) or $14/month (SaaS)
Plausible Self-hosted and SaaS Yes Elixir and PostgreSQL Free (self-hosted) or $6/month (SaaS)
GoatCounter Self-hosted and SaaS Yes Go and PostgreSQL Free (self-hosted) or Free (SaaS)
userTrack Self-hosted and SaaS Yes (but not open-source) PHP and MySQL $99 lifetime (self-hosted) or $25/month (SaaS)
Open Web Analytics Self-hosted Yes PHP and MySQL Free (self-hosted)
Umami Self-hosted Yes Node and MySQL Free (self-hosted)
Ackee Self-hosted Yes Node and MongoDB Free (self-hosted)

In the end, I decided on Plausible analytics because:

  • they are privacy-respecting
  • they are GDPR-compliant (e.g., no cookies, no individual user tracking, no PII, etc…) and don’t require a pop-up for consent
  • they are the most affordable SaaS solution (and offer a 30-day free trial)
  • they have a lightweight (<1KB) JavaScript tag
  • they offer simple dashboards
  • they are independent developers

Plausible setup

From Plausible’s Hugo documentation, installation was pretty easy and I chose to simply add the tracking code to my theme’s <head> section.

<script async defer data-domain="" src=""></script>

I’m still on the 30-day free trial, but I don’t see myself switching to anything else. They offer a ton of useful features that I may take advantage of in the future: