Homelab 10″ mini-rack

Update: 2021-01-10 I made the following changes and updated the post below (not the pictures) to reflect those changes: Replaced side vent panels with metal bars Added labels to patch panel One of the RJ45 couplers was stuck in 100Mbps mode and would not transfer full 1Gbps. I switched it around to a device that … Read more

Always-on Grafana dashboard using Raspberry Pi touchscreen

Introduction I have a small homelab in my home that runs pfSense, Proxmox, Docker, a Synology NAS, UniFi wireless, etc… I already monitor my pfSense firewall logs using Graylog, but I was looking for a solution to monitor hardware (e.g., CPU usage, RAM usage, etc…) as well as software processes (e.g., containers using network, current … Read more

Linting Ansible playbooks using Drone

Introduction In my last post, I went over linting Ansible playbooks manually. In this post, I’m going to give you a brief introduction on how to lint playbooks automatically, using Drone. I was inspired to post this after watching Jeff Geerling’s (geerlingguy on Github) Ansible 101 YouTube series. In it, he mentions using automated testing/linting … Read more

How and why you should lint your Ansible playbooks

Introduction What is Ansible? If you’re reading this, you probably already know what Ansible is, so I won’t spend a lot of time here. Ansible is open-source configuration management software. It lets you configure one machine, or 100 machines, in the same way, every time. You can use Ansible to install software, create users, update … Read more