Pittsburghese: America’s Ugliest Accent?

UPDATE #3 – You did it Pittsburgh! You officially have America’s ugliest accent. Yinz guys should be proud, n’at!

UPDATE #2 – We beat Boston to put us in the finals vs Scranton.

UPDATE #1 – We beat Philly to put us in the final four vs Boston.


This isn’t hard to believe, but Pittsburgh is in a contest for America’s Ugliest Accent. What’s even easier to believe is that we’re doing pretty well (if that’s a good thing).

Pittsburghese, as it’s known, is pretty painful to hear when spoken properly. Both Pitt and CMU have webpages that do a pretty good job of explaining some of the finer points of this language, but they just don’t do it justice…

Should I be happy or sad?


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