DD-WRT DynDns settings behind FiOS Actiontec router

How’s that for a title?

Before I begin, here’s a little background on my network setup:


My ISP is Verizon FiOS, and for the menu/DVR functionality to work on the TV boxes, I’m required to use their garbage Actiontec router. To circumvent this, I’ve made the Actiontec into a DHCP server with one client: my e2000 router running DD-WRT. This router acts as the “brains” of my network by being a DHCP server for all my devices, as well as a VPN server. The Actiontec is only there because it has to be.

One day, I noticed that my VPN wouldn’t connect. I checked my VPN settings on the e2000, but everything looked OK. I checked my DDNS settings on the Actiontec, and saw it wasn’t updating. To confirm, I logged into DynDns to check my hostname and saw it hadn’t been updated since March 20th. Any configuration I tried on the Actiontec failed. After a little Googling, I found this post which suggested that due to Heartbleed, DynDns had to update their certificates, making the Actiontec out-of-date. Naturally, Verizon and Actiontec don’t have a newer firmware. Go figure.

I knew that DD-WRT had a DDNS updater built into it, and I decided to use that instead of the Actiontec. I found this Wiki to base my settings off of, but added the last item. Below are the settings that I’m using on the e2000, behind the Actiontec.

Name Setting
DDNS Service Custom
DYNDNS Server members.dyndns.org
URL /nic/update?
Additional DDNS –dyndns_system dyndns@dyndns.org –ip_server_name
Options checkip.dyndns.org:8245 /
Do not use external ip check No

It’s very important that the option Do not use external ip check is set to No. In my opinion, this option could be worded a little better, as it makes a double-negative. When this was set to Yes, my hostname was being updated with the WAN IP of the e2000 (, instead of the WAN IP that Verizon gave me. Once I set that to No the logfile was updated with the correct IP and I verified it on Dyn’s website.


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